Innovation, Sustainability and Comfort in Incontinence

Innovation, Sustainability and Comfort in Incontinence

Incontinence in Portugal is a reality that affects a significant number of people and statistics show the importance of innovative approaches to managing this condition. In this article, we will explore ADA Group's contribution to the proper management of incontinence, with the best practices used to make these products, and specifically highlight both the underpads and diapers in our ADA Comfort range. Find out how we can help you address incontinence challenges effectively, comfortably and environmentally friendly.

The Scenario of Incontinence in Portugal

According to the National Statistics Institute (INE), more than 600,000 Portuguese live with various degrees of incontinence. This condition is not restricted to a specific age group and affects both young and old, making the search for appropriate solutions a common necessity.

Innovation and Comfort in Underpads and Diapers

The underpads and diapers in our range have been carefully designed with innovation and comfort in mind. There are numerous technological and differentiating features that distinguish our incontinence products and make them an exceptional choice for those looking for the best in personal care.

1 - Advanced Superabsorbent Layer
2 - Anatomical Design to Ensure Maximum Comfort
3 - Premium Materials for a Soft Feel
4 - Technology and Sustainability: A Double Commitment



The Economic Impact

A study conducted by the Portuguese Incontinence Association reveals that the costs associated with incontinence management in Portugal exceed 50 million euros annually. One of the commitments defined by the ADA Group is to ensure that quality products are accessible to all, making them available to a variety of audiences and communities through our online shop.

Growing Environmental Awareness

The Portuguese are more concerned about environmental issues today than they were 10 years ago. This is the conclusion of the "Recycling Radar" report, developed by Marktest in collaboration with Sociedade Ponto Verde. Consumers are increasingly aware of the environmental footprint of products, and are pushing industry to develop more sustainable alternatives. This has always been one of ADA Group's commitments, which is why ADA Comfort incontinence range uses ecological packaging and materials, in line with this growing environmental concern.

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Discover how we are transforming incontinence care into a comfortable, innovative and ecologically responsible experience in Portugal. Join us in this journey of care, comfort and environmental commitment!