Innovation, Quality and Sustainability

Innovation, Quality and Sustainability

ADA Fios' Gauze Fabric of Excellence and Commitment to the Better Cotton Initiative

The word "gauze" can take on different meanings, depending on the context in which it is used. In healthcare, the term refers to a specific type of fabric used for dressings and cleaning wounds. Gauze is made from cotton and has an open weave, which allows air and liquids to circulate, making it an ideal option for absorbing exudates and protecting wounds.
In the world of healthcare, the careful selection of materials plays a vital role in ensuring effective and safe treatments. Gauze takes centre stage in medical procedures, playing a crucial role in wound care and childcare. The quality of this fabric therefore becomes a determining factor in the success of medical practices. In this context, ADA Fios, a company renowned for its dedication to innovation, quality and sustainability, has emerged as a leader in the production of high-quality gauze fabrics.

The Importance of Quality in Medical Practice

The effectiveness of medical treatments and the comfort of patients or users of this type of material is directly related to the quality of the materials used. In the case of gauze, the choice of a quality product is imperative in order to guarantee proper wound healing and ensure the safety of babies in childcare. Commitment to quality is a priority for both healthcare professionals and patients, and this is where ADA Fios excels in the production of gauze and the choice of raw materials. ADA Fios understands this relationship and therefore continually invests in research and development to improve its products.

The quality of the raw material affects various aspects of the final product, including:

  • Liquid absorption:
    Absorption capacity is crucial in medical products such as gauze. High-quality materials ensure that the gauze can absorb and retain fluids effectively, helping the healing process and preventing infections.
  • Texture and softness:
    The texture of the gauze is important to ensure comfort during application and use. Soft, non-irritating materials are preferred, especially when dealing with sensitive wounds.
  • Air Permeability:
    Good gauze allows air to pass through, which is important for promoting a suitable environment for healing. Air permeability is influenced by the choice of raw material.
  • Durability and Resistance:
    The resistance of the fabric is important to ensure that the gauze does not fall apart easily during use, which is crucial for the effectiveness of the dressing.
  • Chemical Stability: In certain cases, the chemical stability of the raw material is important to ensure that the gauze does not cause adverse reactions when it comes into contact with the skin or body fluids.

We combine technology, quality and efficiency

ADA Fios has gained recognition in the market by integrating cutting-edge technology, rigorous quality standards and efficiency in the production of gauze fabrics. This objective has been made possible by ADATEC providing the group's companies with cutting-edge technological solutions that allow for greater profitability and better production quality. The initial purpose was to develop solutions for the textile industry in the healthcare field, where it fills a gap in the production needs of medical devices.

Sustainability with Better Cotton

It also stands out for its commitment to sustainability by adopting the Better Cotton initiative, whose goal by 2030 is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions per tonne of Better Cotton fibre produced by 50% compared to the 2017 baseline. The conscious choice of raw material is an essential part of ADA Fios' commitment to quality and sustainability.

The Better Cotton Initiative (BCI) is the leading global sustainability initiative for cotton. BCI focuses on improving the incomes, working conditions and financial security of 2.2 million farmers in 22 countries. With a holistic approach, it seeks to promote sustainable practices, adapt to climate change and reduce inequalities. Despite their successes, they recognise the continuing need for transformation over the next ten years and invite the producer community to join the Better Cotton cause to build a more sustainable future.

Ao adotar o compromisso com a iniciativa Better Cotton, a empresa contribui para práticas agrícolas mais responsáveis, ambientalmente amigáveis e socialmente justas na produção de algodão. Isso não apenas eleva a qualidade dos produtos, mas também reflete o compromisso da ADA Fios com um futuro mais sustentável. O compromisso não apenas com a qualidade, mas também com a sustentabilidade, posiciona a ADA Fios como uma escolha responsável e inovadora no mercado de tecidos.