Introducing the ADA Group: A Legacy of Excellence in Medical Solutions

Introducing the ADA Group: A Legacy of Excellence in Medical Solutions

The ADA Group has been proudly serving the medical industry for almost 50 years. Over the course of almost five decades, it has remained a benchmark in the industry. From the cotton branch to the shipment of the final product, ADA Group has been globally recognised and certified over the years.

Immerse yourself in this exciting journey, rich in knowledge, whose passion and dedication have shaped every aspect of our history.

Welcome to a universe where tradition meets innovation and passion is strength. This blog opens the door to the heart of the ADA Group, where family heritage intertwines with a bold vision for the future.

The Beginning of the ADA Journey

A legacy left by Albino Dias de Andrade in 1975, whose initials became the names of the companies: ADA, ADA FIOS and ADATEC,

Each new venture, each new step, is seen as much more than a business, but rather as a tribute to the vision and determination that shape our present.

ADA and ADA COMFORT: The heart of our company 

In a universe directly linked to care and comfort, ADA, our first company, was founded in 1975 and later ADA COMFORT in 2010. Our efforts are focused on creating solutions that make a difference in the daily lives of those who value their well-being.

From gauze swabs to non-woven fabrics, bandages and incontinence products, each item is carefully designed to offer not only functionality and practicality, but above all comfort and a sense of care with every use.

The pads produced by ADA are designed for daily use in skin care, first aid, childcare and other individual needs.

From the importance of feeling safe and free, even in the most delicate situations, comes ADA COMFORT, which is dedicated to the problems of incontinence, with products such as diapers and pads. It comes from the pillars of innovation that are so characteristic of our identity, combined with functionality to provide comfort, protection and confidence, with the aim of promoting quality of life.

ADATEC: Technology with Heart

ADATEC was founded in 2009 in order to fill the gap in the technological solutions that had existed in Europe up to that time and to provide answers to this industry. The constant need to improve and develop the technology of our production machines led to the creation of this company, which began to develop new technologies and machines, as well as optimising existing solutions.

Since then, Albino Dias de Andrade's legacy has been taken to new horizons by a team of engineers, mechanics and other professionals who put their passion for technology to work every day to create groundbreaking innovations and the most transcendent solutions for companies with similar production needs.

ADA Yarns: Weaving Connections, Weaving Stories

Our history in the market is woven with the threads which unite generations. Thus, in 2009, the constant search for quantity and the market's progressive demands for quality led the company to create what is now recognised as the best and most modern factory for the production of gauze as a raw material, at a plant in Santo Tirso, in the district of Porto, which has allowed monthly quantities to increase to 300 tonnes.

The spinning process, equipped with the latest open-end technology, is followed by the weaving process to produce warp and weft yarns, and finally the bleaching and finishing process, where the gauze fabric is washed and treated to give it the right characteristics for its intended use.

The ADA Group: From pioneering to innovation

Commitment to quality and compliance: Certifications and Recognitions

The ADA Group prides itself on maintaining the highest standards of quality and compliance.  We have our own laboratories to ensure constant monitoring by highly qualified technicians and to provide the best for our customers. To ensure that our products meet or exceed regulatory and safety expectations, they are also subjected to rigorous certification processes. Over the years we have won industry recognition and awards for our continuous efforts to ensure excellence in everything we do.

Our Brands: Serving to Care

A universe of brands is unfolding within the ADA Group, each of which has been carefully designed to fulfil a unique purpose and meet specific requirements. The different brands in this conglomerate reflect the diversity of goals and objectives, just as different companies follow their own paths. 

At the heart of ADA Group, the variety of brands represents not only products, but also a mosaic of visions and strategies that enrich the business panorama and offer options that meet the needs and preferences of a diverse public.


To assist in the treatment of wounds, we offer a wide range of products that meet the highest standards of quality - from superficial wounds to more invasive injuries. These products are essential for healthcare professionals and carers, enabling effective treatment that prevents infectious complications and other potential problems.

ADA Swabs are equally essential in our daily lives, with a variety of swabs in different shapes and sizes designed to meet the specific needs of each procedure. Every detail of these devices has been carefully considered and developed to ensure superior quality and optimum safe performance, whether for first aid kits or for treating any type of injury that requires disinfection and healing.


We provide solutions for hygiene, disinfection and incontinence. We offer excellent products that prioritise health and comfort, contributing to the well-being of every patient. We put all our knowledge and experience into the development of a range of products specifically designed for babies.


Made from the finest materials, our bandages are an essential complement in the treatment of a wide range of conditions. Versatile, soft and adaptable to all skin types, our bandages are a safe choice when it comes to promoting the health and well-being of each user.

In this way, ADA Group has established itself as a benchmark in the global medical device market and as the only group in Europe with vertical control of all the stages of the gauze fabric transformation process, supplying quality solutions to national and international markets. 

With an unrivalled vision, outstanding professionals and a commitment to exceptional innovation, the Group has not only made history, but has also written an exciting chapter in the evolution of healthcare, striving every day to be at the forefront and lead the future of textile medical devices.