How to do a face cleanse at home: step by step

How to do a face cleanse at home: step by step

Want to learn how to do a facial at home? Follow these simple and effective tips to get clean and healthy skin.

1. Do a superficial cleansing of the face: With warm water and a neutral soap wash your face, at the end pass a micellar water to remove the last residues.

You should wash your face every day, but not too often to avoid drying it out. In the morning wash your face with just water and in the evening use an alcohol-free and fragrance-free soap to remove the impurities accumulated during the day.

2. Start exfoliating your face:Putting some scrub on a gauze pad, massage it in circular motions across your face, redoing the process in the places where you are prone to accumulate more impurities.

Exfoliation stimulates collagen production, reduces oil production, improves blood circulation, increases the absorption capacity of your products and fights the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

3. Perform a deeper cleanse: In a pot pour boiling chamomile tea and lean your face over the steam for 10min. This will open your pores and with the help of a sterile gauze, gently squeeze out blackheads and pimples.

In the procedure performed by a professional, ozone vapor is used, which contains a bactericidal effect, while at home the best chance is to use plain water vapor, or with some tea infusion.

4. Apply cream: At the end you should use an antibacterial cream, in order to avoid future infections.

Keep your skin moisturized: All skins need moisturizer, as long as it is suitable for your skin type.

5. Use a soothing mask: This type of application, in addition to helping cleanse the skin, soothes the area, preventing redness.

In addition to soothing masks, there are many others such as:
- Exfoliation: with the aim of eliminating the layer of dead skin and revitalizing the skin.
- Moisturizing: which moisturize up to 6 times more than a common moisturizer.
- Oiliness: with the aim of controlling oiliness.
- Dark circles: improve blood circulation and pigmentation of the eye area.
-Blemishes: with antioxidants and vitamin c, to help eliminate blemishes.

6. Protect your skin: the last step is to put on a moisturizer of your choice, as long as it contains sunscreen.

Apply sunscreen every day: even on the cloudiest days choose to use a sunscreen with at least 30fps and reapply throughout the day, every 2 hours. Even if some moisturizing creams already contain protection, prefer to use a sunscreen specifically.