Dry Baby wipes | Large | 100 units - for Girl

    Did you know that studies show that the daily use of impregnated wipes jeopardises the health of your baby's skin? The natural skin barrier of a baby's skin is constantly attacked when cleaning products impregnated with perfume, surfactants (detergents) and other artificial and aggressive compounds are used. The ideal way to clean your baby properly when changing nappies is to use a non-woven cloth pad, moistened only with water. This way you'll get an even clean, while respecting your little one's skin barrier! Use your favourite nappy changing cream and you're done! Happy parents and happy babies.

    Materials: Non-woven towel, made of viscose and polyester 30g/m2

    Dimensions: 20 cm x 15 cm, 4 layers, packed in packs of 100.

    Latex and phthalates free.



    100% Made in Europe

    Produced under ISO 13485 and ISO 14001 standards

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    Dry Baby wipes | Large | 100 units - for Girl

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