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    Disposable Baby Sheet - 100 units - for Boy

    Did you know that sudden loss of heat during bath time can be responsible for the first colds in little ones? ADA baby sheet are designed to envelop your baby completely and absorb all the water on their skin in record time. To be used as soon as you take your baby out of the bath, the non-woven baby sheet are made of a highly absorbent material, which performs much better than a traditional towel. This prevents your baby from being left on a cold, wet towel. When changing nappies, at bath time or when visiting the paediatrician, baby sheets are the ideal protectors for little ones, indoors or outdoors. Place them under the ADA BABYLINE covers to warm and soften any surface at nappy changing time, at the doctor's surgery, and to prevent wet surfaces and constipated babies at bath time!
    With babyline sheets, you can protect your baby, or the carrycot, from any disinfected or cold surface.
    Practical and easy to transport, baby sheets protect little ones where their parents' arms can't reach.
    Comfortable and safe babies, bath time!

     Non-woven sheet made of viscose and polyester 50g/m2, 60cmx90cm, 16 plies, packed in packs of 100, latex and phthalates free. 

    100% Made in Europe

    Produced under ISO 13485 and ISO 14001 standards

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    Disposable Baby Sheet - 100 units - for Boy

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