Sterile Gauze Swabs - 10 pieces - for Girl

    Whenever you need to clean your baby's face, you should use a small, sterilised gauze pad. Made from 100% cotton sourced from the best sources, the 5x5 baby gauze pads are perfect for cleaning baby's little eyes, ears, mouth and entire face.
    On the other hand, their size makes them effective and practical for removing any dirt and disinfecting the newborn's umbilical area, helping the process of drying the umbilical cord. 
    Easy to transport, they come in sterilised packs of 1, so you can use them anywhere.
    Healthy babies, complete care!

    Gauze swab (ISO 14079), made from 100% hydrophilic cotton of 17threads/cm2, 5cmx5cm, 16 plies, packed in packs of 1 unit. They are latex and phthalate free and can be French folded (regular) or American folded (AM). The swabs should never be unfolded during use. 

    100% Made in Europe

    Produced under ISO 13485 and ISO 14001 standards

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    Sterile Gauze Swabs - 10 pieces - for Girl

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